Tiffney Cambridge Says The Game Does Not Have Love Child [Details]

Rucuss staffJune 25, 2014

The Game confused fans on Father’s Day when he shared a photo of a little girl on social media.

The little girl named Madison posed, along with The Game and his three kids. Many assumed she had to be his daughter. And up until this point, the Compton rapper never confirmed or denied the reports.

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Since The Game hasn’t come forward, his baby mama Tiffney Cambridge is setting the record straight.

Tiffney Cambridge Clears Up Rumors About The Game's Alleged 'Daughter' Madison 3

Tiffney revealed to Necole Bitchie that Madison is not The Game’s biological child, but one of the kids from his AAU basketball team.

Madison is not Jayceon’s biological daughter. Madison is a little girl who plays basketball with this new basketball team that Jayceon threw together for the summer. And she happens to be one of the new girls who plays on the basketball team. And it’s my understanding that she

comes from a situation where there is not a father in the the home. And she has several other siblings and may not be getting the attention she needs at her home.

And because Jayceon has done things like ‘The Robin Hood Project’ where he reaches out and helps other people  in need, he’s sort of taken Madison under his wing and has decided to father her or God-father her. And that’s what it is. It’s not like Jayceon has another daughter in that aspect. I just think that  he decided because of his relationship with the little girl seeing her at the practices and at the games and so forth he decided to take her under his wing and help her out.

He is a showman. I wish him the best in all his endeavors. If he ever decides to take Madison on and assist her as she grows up, that’s good.

Source: IG

The Game and Tiffney star on the VH1 reality show. He is also rumored to star Love & Hip Hop LA.


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