TI Checks Diddy At After Party After Diddy Gets Pissed At Non-Ciroc Drinkers

Rucuss staffOctober 2, 2011

Well, Diddy made it no secret how he felt about Grey Goose drinkers.

Diddy held a BET after party at the Compound Nightclub. At some point during the night, he grabbed the mic and began to yell at partygoers who were drinking Grey Goose instead of Ciroc. Diddy stood on top of a bar and yelled at them on the mic while throwing a drink across the room.

“Put that sh** down, Diddy said. “It’s Ciroc Boys in the building. What you gonna do?’ This is my house.”

TI eventually grabbed the mic and said:

“What’s going on in this muthaf–ka. I’m going to tell you like this, you will not f–k my hundred million up for nothing in this muthaf–ka. I don’t give a f–k  what’s going on. I ain’t for that fight s–t. I will get the f–k on out of this  b—h and let ya’ll have it. I’ve done enough time. Ain’t nobody else in this muthaf–ka talking about fighting and have did time. I ain’t trying to do it. Puff you got too much money for that sh-t nicca. Let that nicca drink what the  f–k he wanna drink, f–k that s–t. They ain’t getting money for drinking that sh-t, they paid to drink that sh-t. I love you  and will go to war for you but come on man!

Check different angles, two different videos.

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