The World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog is Soaked in $2,000 Cognac

Rucuss staffFebruary 2, 2012

Hot Dogs are one of the main stays of low cost meals, especially if you have children to feed.

But a Vancouver hot dog vendor by the name of Dougie Luv has taken the dog to the next level. DougieDog restaurant is selling the world’s most expensive hot dog for $100. Yes, you read that correctly, $100! It’s so expensive because the foot long dog’s pork bratwurst is soaked in cognac that’s worth $2,000 a bottle.

The pork bratwurst is infused with Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac. It’s also sautéed in olive and truffle oil. It’s placed on a sourdough sweetbread bun and topped with Kobe beef, fresh lobster, tomatoes, truffles, aoli and spicy hot sauce.

World's most expensive hotdog

Dougie Luv told Huffington Post that he wanted to create something “tasty and high-end” but still stay in the tradition of what a hot dog truly is. The Dragon dog is so high end that you must give 12 hours notice to staff so that they can have fresh lobster on hand.

The world’s expensive hot dog debuted on Jan. 25.


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