The Best Photobombs of 2012 [Photos]

Rucuss staffDecember 20, 2012

Dropping in a photo unexpectedly has become the popular thing to do when you’re bored.

It has been dubbed, the Photobomb. The growing trend has people and animals hop into a photo right before its taken in hopes to ruin the image for a few laughs. Some purposely try to ruin photos while others do it unknowingly.

If you love to laugh at silly things than this his the post for you. Check out our top photobombs of the year below.

Proposal Photobomb

The epic proposal photobomb

Celebrity Photobomb

Stalker Photobomb

The photobomb that will haunt your dreams forever

Giraffe Love-Making Photobomb

The love-making giraffes photobomb

Creepy Clown Photobomb

The scariest photobomb ever

Sawfish Photobomb

The smiling creepy sawfish photobomb

Peeper Photobomb

This guy

Stingray Photobomb

Dog Photobomb

SOON... err.. NAO!!!

Horse Photobomb

OMG! It Worked! This Wand is REAL!

Rihanna Photobomb

Rihanna or Wrong?

New York Giants Fan Photobomb

friday bombs 8 Its Friday, you could use some photobombs (29 Photos)

Photos via BuzzFeed, Cheezburger and TheChive


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