The Game Spits on Female Fans, Entourage Groupes a Woman [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 6, 2012

The Game and his entourage were caught doing some disrespectful things overseas.

A spectator caught The Game on camera leaning over a rail and spitting on a group of women. The rapper was in the VIP section of an Australian nightclub with his entourage when the incident occurred. According to the person recording the incident, one of the women responded, ‘How dare you’ and walked off after it happened. The women appeared to be fans who were excited to see The Game.

In another video circulating the web, a woman is selected out of the crowd to come on stage at a concert in Adelaide. The Game continues to request her to ‘show her titties,’ but she refuses. When the woman becomes upset, The Game yells,”You shouldn’t have brought your ass up here.” His entourage then pushes her off the stage.

Watch the two videos below.


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