Teyana Taylor Calls Rihanna a ‘Cyber Bully’ [Audio]

Rucuss staffSeptember 25, 2013

Teyanna Taylor has had enough of Rihanna’s antics.

The G.O.O.D. music singer called out Rihanna during an interview with New York’s Hot 97 radio station on Wednesday. Taylor let it be known that she didn’t appreciate RiRi making fun of her video on Instagram. Its’ unclear if Rihanna was actually making fun of Teyanna’s video but she perceived it that way.

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And that’s when all hell broke loose on Twitter between the two women on Tuesday. A heated exchange took place that had the social media sphere on high alert for RiRi and Teyanna’s tweets.


Teyanna called into Hot 97 to share her side of the story. She also called Rihanna a ‘cyber bully.’ Check out excerpts of the interview below.

On why Rihanna made fun of her:

“I really don’t understand. I’ve been in the studio recording my album, minding my business, staying focused or whatever. One day, which was yesterday, I randomly was on my Instagram page and I had heard that she made a video. I’m not following her on Instagram so I didn’t get a chance to see it.

I went to Twitter and someone sent me the video. I felt it was really harsh, you know what I’m saying? Because it’s like you got a dude singing “Caught Up in the Rapture of Love” with big hair, a snap back and some Jordans on. I just sung that a week ago. I put up a video a week ago singing “Caught Up in the Rapture of Love” and of course my hair was curly, so whatever.

So, for her to go and make a video, it wasn’t no coincidence. “Caught Up in the Rapture of Love” is not a recent song. She knew what she was doing. I know her very well and I made that very clear in my tweet.”

On if she thought Rihanna was being playful or malicious:

“I think that her fans are loud and they condone her behavior. She does this to everybody and it’s not always fun and games all the time. You do it. You get away with it. You tried me. You clap and I clapped back. That’s what that was. You didn’t think that it would go as far as it did but you can’t do that with everybody. One day you’re gonna bark up the wrong tree.”

On Rihanna being a cyber bully:

“I really do think she’s a cyber bully. I really do. I think she has dope music. I’m not no hater. Dope music is dope music. She’s a pretty girl, but that don’t mean you can just bully everybody. It don’t work like that.”

On Rihanna posting her net worth:

“We all know that these websites…those with the net worths, these are inaccurate. She went all the way online to find the lowest net worth which is false. Let’s get deeper, everybody thinks she’s worth $90 million and she’s ain’t have time. But she had time to go on Google, you had time to fix up pictures, you had time to make me your main picture, but still you tweet, I’m not gonna “@” her, I’m not gonna make her famous. At the end of the day, I work hard. You know I work hard. My s–t is gon’ pop regardless.

This wasn’t no publicity stunt. This wasn’t no free publicity. This wasn’t none of that. Clearly I was on her brain for her to even be making fun of me.”

Listen to Teyanna’s interview below.

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