Terrence Howard’s Wife is Threatening to Release Sex Tapes! [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 29, 2012

Actor Terrence Howard and his estranged wife are in the midst of an ugly divorce.

There have been plenty of accusations from both sides. Now it appears it has gotten worse. Howard just filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department claiming his wife Michelle Ghent Howard has been threatening to release sex tapes and other embarrassing information about him unless he coughs up money.

TMZ reports:

Howard claims Michelle Ghent Howard is squarely demanding money from him, in return for not making a Terrence sex tape and other embarrassing things public.

The former couple is in an epically bitter divorce battle. Among many things, Terrence claims Michelle is a racist who threatened to have him killed … by the Russians.

The LAPD had no official comment, but we’re told cops are in possession of the audio tape and they are investigating the extortion claim.

Back in December, Terrence filed court documents claiming Michelle hates black people. He said she would often call him names like, “monkey” and “n**ger.” He also alleges Michelle inexplicably turned from a “loving, gentle” person into a monster who once threatened to have him killed by some violent Russians.

Michelle allegedly would get upset and scream things like, “[I] never wanted to marry a n**ger in the first place” and “[I] definitely didn’t want to be the step mother of some n**ger kids.”



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