Terrell Owens Says He’s Broke, But Is Making a Fortune By Tweeting

Rucuss staffNovember 26, 2011

Terrell Owens may not be receiving a monthly check from the NFL but he is racking in major dough from sponsors.

According to legal documents, Owens makes money by tweeting. The former NFL player makes between $2,800-$6,400 per tweet, TMZ reports.

Owens received $4,800 for tweeting about Old Navy and $6,400 for tweeting about Fantapper, which is a sports social networking site. He received $10,000 for promoting Yahoo Fantasy Football and $20,000 for promoting a Super Bowl Party.

Owens even earned residual money for an episode of “Punk’d” and for his appearances on “Any Given Sunday” and “Necessary Roughness.” But he claims his earnings are not enough to cover his expenses.

His average monthly expenses of $82,178.30, plus $44,602 in child support is too expensive. He claims he has no new sources of income and is basically broke.

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