Terrell Owens Says He Doesn’t Need His Wife’s Money [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 11, 2014

Former NFL player Terrell Owens and wife Rachel Snider are already headed for divorce after only two weeks of marriage.

Snider has accused Owens of marrying her for money. Snider reportedly told TMZ that she is “heartbroken” and feels Owens only married her so he could obtain a $2 million loan for a home in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Terrell Owens’ Wife Rachel Snider Wants Divorce, Thinks He Used Her For Money

Now the former NFL wide receiver is refuting those claims.

“Money is NOT an issue for Terrell,” Owens’ representative reportedly told TMZ on Monday. “Come on, she’s a postal worker. Do you really think she’s the primary on the loan?”


Owens rep added that TO is the “primary” person on the $2 million loan and that his marriage to Snider had nothing to do with money. Snider’s allegations seem plausible because Owens has had well-documented money problems in the past.

Terrell Owens Faces Foreclosure On Two of His Dallas Homes [Details]

Owens is allegedly filming a new show that will air in March. He plans to file divorce papers against Snider as soon as he returns to California. Owens married Snider in a private courthouse ceremony on Jan. 23.


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