Terio, Maleek Explain ‘Ooohh Kill’em’ Dance On CBS Sports [Video]

Rucuss staffOctober 27, 2013

Terio has become a social media sensation after his Vine videos were posted a few months ago.

The six-year old shows off his dance moves while his cousin Maleek acts as both the cameraman and hype man, yelling ‘Ooohh Kill’em.’ Many have credited the duo as bringing Vine back to life because of their hilarious videos.

NBA Player John Wall Does Best Impression of Vine Star Cousin Terio [Video]


Terio and Maleek have appeared on numerous radio shows and taken plenty of photos with celebrities.


Many professional athletes have done the dance, so CBS Sports Sunday caught up with Terio and Maleek. They explained how the dance came about.


Watch Terio and Maleek explain the dance below.

Watch a compilation of Terio’s dance moves below.


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