Telekinetic “Carrie” Prank Scares New York Coffee House Customers [Video]

Rucuss staffOctober 8, 2013

A New York-based marketing company has come up with the best telekinetic prank to create buzz for the upcoming Carrie remake.

Thinkmodo reconstructed a popular West Village coffee house in New York City in an effort to scare unsuspecting customers. In the two-minute video, a woman gets enraged after a man spills his coffee on her laptop. She immediately stands up and uses her powers to raise the man against a brick wall.

Many of the customers flee the scene, while some stood in shock. The telekinetic ‘Carrie’ character then screams while she makes tables, paintings and books move. Most of the customers eventually ran out of the coffee shop at this point.

How would you react if this happened during your morning coffee run? Watch below.


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