Target Under Fire For Photoshopping ‘Thigh Gap’ On Models

Rucuss staffMarch 13, 2014


Target is under fire for poorly altered photos of models wearing bikinis on its website.

Customers shopping for swimsuits on Target’s website were in for a surprise when they saw an altered image of a model in a bikini. In the photos, the models have been given a square thigh gap and their thin frames have been “touched-up” to appear smaller.

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The photos, which were posted in the juniors section, stirred up a strong reaction on the website Jezebel and social media sites. It led to Target pulling the photos from its website.

Jezebel magazine wrote:

The worst, most horrible part of this (aside from the horrible Photoshopping skills of whatever poor graphic design intern got assigned to do this) is that this product is for their junior’s line. This is what is being marketed and pushed on young girls—this absurd image of a crotch that absolutely does not and cannot happen naturally. This what young girls have to look at and try to reconcile with their own, normally shaped bodies.

Check out the photoshopped images below.

Target Under Fire for Photoshopping 'Thigh Gaps' On Models



A representative of Target provided the following statement on this issue, “This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize. We have removed the image from our website.”


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