Tameka Foster Loses Custody Battle in Emergency Hearing, Gets Hug From Usher [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 9, 2013

Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Foster were back in court Friday for an emergency custody hearing following their 5-year-old son Cinco’s near drowning accident.

After testimony by both parents and Usher’s Aunt Rena who was caring for their sons at the time of the accident, the judge ruled in favor of Usher. Foster lost her attempt to gain primary custody of her two sons with Usher. She claims Usher is not an attentive father.

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But despite the riff between the two, Usher came over and gave Foster a hug in the courtroom.


During questioning, Foster sobbed while talking about her son Usher Raymond V’s accident. She said she didn’t know if her child suffered permanent brain or heart damage. Foster also testified that she was told Cinco was under water for 30 seconds but believes he was actually under water for 3 minutes.

Tameka Raymond Takes the Stand in Emergency Hearing

Usher’s lawyer said Foster is guilty of an “abuse of process” by exploiting her son’s pool accident for publicity in order to garner sympathy for her case. His lawyer said Aunt Rena is a “very attentive and wonderful person” who has helped take care of their children since they were born.

Usher Takes the Stand in Emergency Child Custody Hearing

Tameka testified that the 911 tape of Aunt Rena reporting the accident proves she has no control over the kids. But despite Raymon’s characterization, Usher’s lawyer said Aunt Rena is a “hero.” And Usher is a “wonderful, responsible, and caring parent.”

Aunt Rena testified that she cared for Usher’s kids for years and Foster never had a problem with it until now.

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