Tahiry Jose Attacked by Male Staffer At Fashion Week

Rucuss staffSeptember 11, 2014

Love and Hip Hop New York star Tahiry Jose was brutally attacked at a New York Fashion Week event.

Carlos Gonzales allegedly hit Tahiry multiple times at Toure Designs runway show at Helen Mills on Tuesday. Bossip reports Gonzales didn’t want Tahiry in the show and things slowly took a turn for the worse.

Bossip reports:

“Yesterday, while preparing to walk in her first runway show with Toure Designs, reality star Tahiry Jose was viciously attacked by Carlos Gonzales, who serves as the production manager of the Helen Mills event venue, where the show was to be held. Carlos had shown a strong disliking towards Tahiry from the beginning of their interaction, with everything from rude comments to an utter lack of respect for her as a woman. One bystander who witnessed the attack stated that the altercation began when Tahiry questioned Carlos as to why he was being so rude to her, which triggered him to “black out” on her, spewing foul commentary as he walked closer to her. After Tahiry warned him not to speak to her that way, he got closer began strike her. During the attack, Carlos repeatedly struck Tahiry multiple times while attempting to drag her by her hair. It took 7-8 men to pull him off of her.”

A rep from the PR firm in charge of the event told a different story.

“Tahiry arrived to the Helen Mills venue around 4pm, as she was going to model for Toure’s show, requesting not to enter where “the normal people” go. Her assistant was instructed that the normal people entrance is the only one available.

Once Tahiry arrived, she requested for all the models to be removed from the hair and makeup area so that her personal team could begin makeup for the show. The show manager’s assistant obliged her request and cleared out a few rows where the models where sitting to allow her private time. Tahiry continued to patronize the assistant using profanity. Her assistant and glam squad joined in on the berating.

The group moved their argument back upstairs and outside of the venue. A minor scuffle was heard but ignored because no yelling accompanied. Then someone yelled “why are you fighting a woman?” I ran outside to find Tahiry on the ground, a watery substance everywhere, and the show producer’s assistant being jumped by Tahiry’s assistants.

I picked Tahiry up off the ground and her makeup artist attended to her. Her hair stylist was still fighting the assistant while myself and two male models broke up the fight. A witness outside said that once the argument moved outside, Tahiry continued to use profanity, using sexual orientation slurs and threw her drink on the show assistant’s face.

I moved Tahiry downstairs to a safe place and asked her what happened. Her response: “nothing”. I asked her if she was okay and she said yes. She had no scratches and denied the help of the paramedics, assuming she would go to jail for fighting. She and her staff left the premises and a report was given by our staff to the police.

The story originally given to Bossip reads as if some man started beating Tahiry up while everyone stood by. To my knowledge, she was NOT hospitalized and denied the help or paramedics to me. My issue is that we continue to allow bad behavior to be warranted. Tahiry cussed this young man out and threw a drink in his face and now is playing the victim. Behavior evokes bad behavior if people aren’t using rational thought. I find it interesting that Tahiry could ask for a private entrance but could not ask for someone to be removed if she saw them as a threat. I do not condone men hitting women, nor do I condone an adult assaulting another adult. When you throw a drink on someone and they react, do not play the victim. She initiated a fight, and a fight is what she got.

As a result, the Teyana Taylor and Toure Designs show was cancelled and we had to move everything. The venue lost it’s hair and make up sponsor of 10 years and the assistant was released of his duties this season. Everyone lost. This was a insurmountable mishap, but I will not allow the events to be painted as some mean man beat her up.”

After the attack, Tahiry was rushed to Lenox Hill hospital where she was treated for her injuries and released.


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