Comedy Break: Black Women Twerking in Front Of Confused White People [Video]

Published by Rucuss staff on Oct 9

Twerking has been around for years, but it didn’t become mainstream until Miley Cyrus got in on the fun. The

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Mother Publicly Shames 11-Year-Old Daughter For Twerking! [Video]

Published by Rucuss staff on Sep 11

A California mother has had enough with the twerking dance craze. Frances Hena, who is a Bakersfield resident, publicly shamed

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Jimmy Kimmel Admits That Girl Catches Fire Twerking Video Was Set Up By His Show! [Video]

Published by Rucuss staff on Sep 10

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was able to prank over nine million viewers. The Jimmy Kimmel Live host revealed during his

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33 Students Suspended For Twerk Video, Banned From Prom, Graduation! [Video]

Published by Rucuss staff on May 2

Thirty-three students were suspended and banned from prom and graduation because of a video showing them twerking. The video was created

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