T.I. Says Women Are Too Emotional To Be President, Gets Clowned For Comments!

Published by Rucuss staff on Oct 13

Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina don’t have what it takes to be president of the United States. Well, at least

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Tiny And T.I. Slam Fan For Cheating Allegations [Details]

Published by Rucuss staff on Feb 11

T.I. and Tiny may be having marital problems, but they still have each other’s back when it counts. The celebrity

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T.I. Reprimands Tiny for Showing Too Much Booty On Instagram

Published by Rucuss staff on Feb 10

T.I. has had enough of Tiny showing off her curves on social media. And the Atlanta rapper let it be

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T.I. And Tiny Had A Fight But Are Not Breaking Up [Details]

Published by Rucuss staff on Jan 29

T.I. and Tiny are still together. Despite the rumors that they were getting a divorce, the Atlanta rapper told TMZ that

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Trouble in Paradise: Are T.I. and Tiny Breaking Up?!

Published by Rucuss staff on Jan 27

T.I. and Tiny are reportedly having a rough patch in their marriage. The Motivation rapper wrote a cryptic message on

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