Fantasia on Antwaun Cook: “We Are Not Together, I Think it’s the Best Thing For Us.’

Published by Rucuss staff on Mar 24

Fantasia Barrino is on another magazine cover, but this time around she doesn’t have any complaints. Fantasia, who didn’t like the photo

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JET Editor Calls Fantasia Illiterate Then Apologizes [Details]

Published by Rucuss staff on Feb 28

JET editor-in chief Mitzi Miller let her emotions get the best of her. American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino didn’t like the photo

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Fantasia Angry Over Jet Magazine Cover [Photo/Details]

Published by Rucuss staff on Feb 21

Fantasia Barrino is ready to get back to work. The American Idol alum has been doing the media rounds and

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