T.I. Goes Off on Instagram Over Comments About Tiny and Daughter [Details]

Rucuss staffAugust 10, 2012

Rapper T.I. doesn’t play around when it comes to his family.

When you disrespect his family, you disrespect him. And he’s not having it. So when the Atlanta rapper saw the comment ‘Can We F-ck’ on one of his stepdaughter Zonnique’s photos, he lost it. T.I. posted:

“Ni**a u ever disrespect me & mines like that again I’m gon throw more $$$  at ya head than it cost to build yo mama  a new house.

Boy don’t f**k your sad azz lil life up before i can get it started…u gon  get yaself *F**ked* aight…in ya mouth wit ya own  lil pee-pee. Now keep playin round wit it lil homie.  #NoBulls**t.”

This comment comes just days after T.I. went off on another person for making a comment about his wife Tiny. After T.I. posted a old photo of Tiny, a fan commented,” This is cute! B4 she damaged her face! T.I. responded:

“F-ck u shawty!!! U ever disrespect me or ain’ 1 of mines, I’m pressing that  line on ya…look like you damaged your waistline.  Don’t play wit da fam  shawty…it ain’t safe. Now ya ass getting banished from da kingdom. [<—i’m  assuming that means blocked.] Go look at a broke n-gga page. Ure undeserving of  our magnificence. #Disrespectwillnotbetolerated!!!!”



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