Swizz Beatz Alleged Mistress Stops by Madd Hatta Morning Show

Rucuss staffSeptember 16, 2011

Swizz Beatz alleged jumpoff has been making the rounds.

Christina Elizabeth has talked to every blog site and radio station you can think of to confirm rumors of a relationship with Beatz. The Houston singer/songwriter allegedly has been sexting Beatz, who is married to Alicia Keys.

News surfaced after Christina lost her phone. There were sexy texts and Blackberry Messenger conversations between the two on her phone. The 23-year old and Beatz met at a party for Solange in 2007. She claims they have been carrying on an affair since he was married to first wife Mashonda.

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Christina stopped by her hometown radio station The Box this morning to give her side of the story. Houston’s The Box also played some of her music.

Check out interview below:

So there was some sexting that took place between you and he since  he’s been married to Alicia Keys?
Yes, this is correct.

Did you send him nude photos of yourself?
They weren’t all the way nude I can say.

What would partial nude be?
My backside and that was  it.

Swizz Beatz is probably going to say this is not true.
Yes, of course, my reason for saying that it is, because he’s in a position where he has a lot to lose and I can understand that. You’re in front of a million people and you already messed up one time and you marry this gorgeous woman who everybody loves [and] then you do it again.

What made you want to go ahead and tell your part of the story?
Well, it’s because it’s the second time this happened. I tried to explain this to my family. The only reason I said something is because it’s super embarrassing. People know me. If people are constantly calling you something and telling you, ‘you’re this, that and the other,’ you’re going to  want to say “Okay, listen you can’t make me out to be this person because this not what happened. You don’t know the full story.” So after a while, I was like “I can’t take it anymore.”

Your response to those who call you a ‘home wrecker’ is….
That’s your opinion.

Did you want an ongoing relationship with him or just thought he was a cool person to hang out with because you were very clear he was a cool cat.
He is. He’s a very nice person. I can say that we’ve been friends before all of this and then this happened, it was on & off. I’ve been in relationships where I still communicated with him. There was nothing sexual  going on between him and I when I was in a relationship and even recently it  wasn’t sexual. I mean it could’ve gotten to the point but everything happens for a reason.

Being that you’re a singer, did you have a relationship where there was a promise of Swizz Beatz helping you out in your career?
Not at all, no. No, I have a lot of friends that work in the music industry and  I don’t use them for that. I’m genuinely friends with these people. I’ve never asked, ‘Hey can you help me with my music?” It kind of like me building my music. I’ve been doing this for nine years…I’ve been writing, singing, I’ve been doing all of this stuff. Not one time have I asked anybody who’s in the industry  if they can help me out. I always left it up to them.

Has Swizz Beatz given you money?
I’m not that type of person. Anybody that knows me knows that I get everything for myself. I don’t  ask anybody for anything.

If the positions were switched and you were in Alicia Keys position and caught your husband texting, what would you do?
Sane Christina would sit down and talk about the situation but insane Christina would stab and  twist.

Where is the cut off where you say “Hey, I’m going to move  forward”?
Honestly, that point is probably today because I’m done with it. I’ve said what I needed to say ….people know my story.

Did Swizz Beatz initiate the texting?
Right. I will put this out there now. We all make mistakes, we all screw up some how and I don’t  condone this. This has happened to me plenty of times before. I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been lied to and I’ve been this, that and the other. When you’re hurt,  you do things that hurt other people and I’m sorry to say that. I know I was  wrong, I’m not saying I was right. I know I was wrong so I do apologize…. [on the role I do feel like you played in this] right.

Are there any ongoing personal feelings you have with Swizz Beatz  that you want to be with him? At any point did you think there was a possibility?
No, I don’t think so. Even at the age of 19, I wasn’t  like “Oh, I’m going to be with him because I saw the reality of it all I guess. That’s pretty much impossible.”






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