Surfer Carlos Burle Rides Possibly The Biggest Wave Ever [Video]

Rucuss staffOctober 30, 2013

Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle risked his life on Monday to take a chance on a wave.

Burle road a storm surge off the coast of Nazare, Portugal that may have been the largest wave ever surfed. Deadspin reports that the wave was somewhere in the range of 100 feet high.

Not long after riding the wave, Burle hauled Brazilian Maya Gabeira out of the pummeling surf after she was knocked unconscious. Gabeira, one of the world’s leading female big-wave surfers, was taken to hospital and escaped with just a broken ankle.

Burle is hoping his monster ride sets a new Guinness World Record. Garrett McNamara holds the record, riding a 78-foot wave at the same beach in 2011. McNamara chose not to surf on Monday because he thought the wave was “too big” and he didn’t feel it was safe.

Watch Burle ride the wave below.


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