Supernatural Actor DJ Qualls Tweets About Alleged Vancouver Police Beat Down

Rucuss staffSeptember 26, 2011

Actor DJ Qualls had a road trip to remember.

The Supernatural actor allegedly received a beat down by the Vancouver police. He was in town shooting an episode of Supernatural.

Qualls took to Twitter to talk about the beating. He claims the trouble began when he alerted police about a man punching a woman outside a cafe. When the police arrived to the scene, an officer tackled him to the ground causing him to cut his chin.

“Just got out of the ER, was beaten by a Vancouver Police Officer for no  reason. Got stitches and released,” Qualls tweeted. “Was not arrested b/c was  innocent. I was handcuffed and bleeding while the cop kept saying to me, “you  think you’re f–king better than me? Repeatedly asked 4 his badge number and he said if I didn’t shut up, I’d be taken in. Finally got a card as I was taken to  hospital.”

Qualls gave more details about the  incident and even called out the officer in question.

“Told the officer. He said if I didn’t get out of there, he’d arrest me, I asked  why and he tackled me, busted my face and handcuffed me,” Qualls went on. “Then  Taunted me for 1/2hr b4 the ambulance came. I was held, no calls, no attorney.  AND I had to pay an $800 ER bill. Free healthcare, Canada? I demand an apology  from Officer Brian Trklja @VancouverPD & full reimbursment of my Hospital  bills. Calling internal affairs in the AM.”

The Vancouver Police is investigating the incident.


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