Ashanti Accused Of Shoplifting, Clerk Puts Her On Blast

Rucuss staffMarch 20, 2016

Ashanti had a huge weight lifted off her shoulders this past week.

Devar Hurd was found guilty of felony 2nd degree stalking for sending Ashanti lewd tweets and text messages. The ruling follows a jailing in 2013 on the same charges. Hurd could face another one and a half to four years when sentenced later this month, TMZ reports.

Ashanti may be happy about the verdict, but we’re sure she’ll be upset with these latest accusations. A store clerk is claiming Ashanti was caught shoplifting in her shop.

The clerk went on Facebook and put Ashanti on blast.  She even talked about Ashanti’s hair weave tracks showing. Read below.

There could be a good explanation. Maybe Ashanti forgot the hat was on her head or she thought the clerk gave it to her.

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