Steve Harvey Cries Like a Baby During Birthday Surprise [Video]

Rucuss staffJanuary 18, 2013

Talk show host Steve Harvey got very emotional when producers of his show surprised him with two people from his past for his birthday.

Harvey wasn’t able to see their faces but he did hear their voices. The mystery man from Orlando called into the show and said, “Happy birthday, Steve Harvey! I just have one question, do you still love me, baby?”

Harvey couldn’t control the teas and began sobbing like a baby. It took him a moment to get himself together before he explained how he knew the man and his wife.

“I was 26 years old, struggling. I didn’t have nothing and these people owned a furniture store in Cleveland,” Harvey said. “They took me in and gave me a contract with my little carpet cleaning company.”

Harvey added, “When I became a comedian at 27, I didn’t have money to travel. They gave me an  account at their travel agency and I ran  up a bill that was $11,000 just traveling and try to make it. Those people right  there, they helped me out!”

Before Steve’s friends signed off, he told them he was going to fly them to Chicago for the show and to spend time with him because Steve had been searching for them for years. He also told him he had money now. Watch it below.


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