Stacey Dash: ‘I Am Disappointed That Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan Did Not Win.’

Rucuss staffNovember 7, 2012

Stacey Dash continues to show her support for former Governor Mitt Romney.

The former Single Ladies star wrote a 1,344 word essay, uh, letter to TMZ explaining her reasons for voting for Romney instead of Obama. She also talked about her overall thoughts on the election and the criticism she received because of her endorsement of Romney.

Dash’s lengthy letter didn’t bash Obama. She even admited that she’d voted for Obama in 2008.

“He’s brilliant, understated, ethical, a great husband and father,” she wrote. “President Obama will always be remembered as one of the greatest leaders this United States of America has ever known. People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn’t a vote against Obama.”

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Check out a few excerpts from the letter via TMZ below:

I voted for Obama in 2008. Yes, I was part of the overwhelming majority that swept President Obama into his historic election! I hadn’t known anything about him until he earned the Democratic nomination. He’s brilliant, understated, ethical, a great husband and father. President Obama will always be remembered  as one of the greatest leaders this United States of America has ever known.

At the end of the day we are in this together. This is Our American Family. I  do not want to be a part of the hateful voices insulting each other. I want to  be a part of the voices that helps shape the future. Don’t you? Perhaps I publically endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones.

People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn’t a vote against Obama. That’s not how full participants in the democratic process operate. We vote for candidates and we vote for issues.

Like most Americans I was insulted with the idea that Obama was only elected  because he was black, that people of color wanted one of their own, regardless  of what sort of leader he would make. The same idiots make the argument that white guilt is why so many Americans voted Obama into office in the first place. That rhetoric is what helps divide this great nation.

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Read more of Dash’s letter here.


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