Soulja Boy Gets Kicked Off Airplane! [Video]

Rucuss staffAugust 13, 2013

Soulja Boy didn’t reach his destination last week because he was forcibly removed from an airplane.

The Crank Dat rapper was removed from an American Airlines flight for not complying with a pre-flight request that all passengers be seated, TMZ reports. A flight attendant warned Soulja Boy that he’d be kicked off for refusing to take a seat, which is exactly what happened next on Aug. 9. He was escorted off the flight by two officers.

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Soulja later blamed the incident on having a “bad night.”

“Me and the flight staff didn’t see eye to eye,” Soulja Boy told TMZ. “In hindsight, I’m  extremely sorry for all inconvenience to the passengers and employees of the airline.”

Watch footage of the incident below.


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