Somebody Get Your Cousin! Man in Thong Dances in Alley to Rihanna [Video]

Rucuss staffJuly 25, 2012

His name is Carlos Rossi and he’s an aspiring actor.

And it appears Carlos, who Twitter name is CarlosCrazySelf, will do just about anything to gain some exposure. If it means wearing a purple thong and rolling around in some dirty street water in an alley, he’ll do it!

Carlos performed his own rendition of Rihanna’s hit song Where Have You Been and recorded for the world’s viewing pleasure. We must admit it was a treat to watch.

Carlos tweeted about the video,”I just simply dared to do something 99.9% of people would NEVER do…I am grateful for all the views, laughs & gags!”

Carlos used items in his closet instead of buying a new outfit for the video. He allegedly altered a shirt that was given to him by his grandmother for Men’s Day church service to a halter top. He pieced the halter with a purple thong and some plastic slides.

The ensemble came in handy for the scenes that required him to roll around in dirty water. The video is hilarious! Watch the f*ckery below.


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