Solange: No Questions About My Sister!

Rucuss staffSeptember 12, 2011


Beyonce’s little sister Solange was DJing at Lord & Taylor’s Fashion Night when the unthinkable happened. “Today Show” co-host Hoda Kotb attempted to approach Solange. But before she could get to her, Solange’s publicist/stylist Charles Wade stopped her and said “What do you want to talk to Solange about? She won’t answer questions about Beyonce.”

Hoda explained that she only wanted to say “Hi” and ask about the event but Wade apparently didn’t believe her. He allegedly got in her face with an aggressive attitude and said:

“She won’t answer any questions about Beyoncé … I need to know what questions  you’ll ask.” Hoda politely replied, “No thanks,” and took her conversation over to Ivanka  Trump.





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