Soccer Fan Throws Explosive on Field, Adel Kolahkaj Almost Loses a Hand [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 21, 2012

Sepahan soccer player Adel Kolahkaj should be forever thankful that he still has a hand.

Kolahkaj avoided a near disaster during the first half of a soccer game. After fans threw debris onto the field, the midfielder unknowingly picked up an object and tossed it off the field. As it turns out, it was a live explosive.

As soon as Kolahkaj tossed it and it hit the ground, it exploded. The match was halted and the police did a full investigation of the incident. Had Kolahkaj held onto the object for a few seconds longer or picked it up a few seconds later, he would have lost a hand.

The match was initially called off but play resumed after security officials conducted an inspection. Watch the footage below.


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