Single Ladies Star LisaRaye Shows President Obama She Has His Back! [Photo]

Rucuss staffOctober 29, 2012

Single Ladies star LisaRaye McCoy wants to spice up the election a bit.

Just weeks after her former costar Stacey Dash posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a red swimsuit while endorsing Mitt Romney for President, LisaRaye unveiled her own photo to endorse President Barack Obama.

In the photo, LisaRaye sits on a desk inside a classroom topless with a portrait of Obama and an American flag painted on her back. The chalkboard has the words,”I Got Obama’s Back” written multiple times in red and blue.

So, what led LisaRaye to make such a political statement and show her support for Obama?

“I don’t think people seem as excited about this presidential campaign as they were four years ago,” LisaRaye told Celebuzz after the shoot. “For this campaign, I just wanted something that would make an impact. I wanted to say why I’m behind President Obama in this election, and I want to encourage everyone to vote. I have Obama’s back, and I want everyone to have Obama’s back.”

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Dash’s photo is lackluster in the creativity department compared to LisaRaye’s, but both stars deserve credit for supporting their candidates. Meanwhile, Vivica Fox and Kimora Simmons have slammed Dash for supporting Romney. Fox even went as far to bash her for wearing a swimsuit.

“I didn’t know why she had to do a photo shoot in a Baywatch red swimsuit with the boobs and the whole flag behind her and she doesn’t have a job or something to promote right now,” Fox told The Grio. “I just didn’t get it.”

Fox added,”So, to each his own and she’s entitled to her opinion but it was just surprising that first she was a Republican and that she did it the way she did. Most politicians when you support them you try to support them with class. You don’t need to do a swimsuit shoot so that’s just my take on it.”

Simmons believes Dash endorsed Romney for publicity.

“I feel like she just [did] it for press, cause, really, no one really knows her,” Kimora told “I don’t think it’s that serious, she’ll be fine.”

LisaRaye probably won’t receive as much backlash for endorsing Obama as Dash did. Especially not from Fox. The two allegedly fell out as friends years ago so neither one will probably go there.


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