Shyne Still Has Beef With Diddy, Releases Diss Track ‘You’re Welcome’ [Audio]

Rucuss staffAugust 22, 2012

Shyne hasn’t put his beef with Diddy behind him.

Shyne revived the feud with the Bad Boy mogul on the diss track, You’re Welcome. The two made up during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, but Shyne decided to release the previously recorded song after Diddy didn’t follow through with a promise he made.

In an interview with Miss Info, Shyne said Diddy didn’t lobby on his behalf in an effort to help get him a U.S. visa. Shyne, who lives in Europe, admits Diddy did offer money but he turned it down. He said Diddy ignored his request to tweet about a White House petition to allow him back in the U.S.

Shyne also feels Diddy should have taken care of the mother of Anthony “Wolf” Jones, who was Diddy’s bodyguard and close friend before he was killed in 2003.

“Don’t give me any money, I don’t need it,” Shyne told Miss Info. “But take care of Ms. Jones. [Diddy] gave her $10k when I started talking to him, but that was it. But while we were in Paris, he spent half a million on his chick, Cassie. If it weren’t for Wolf, if it weren’t for me, things would be very different. There would be no Ciroc deal, he wouldn’t be worth close to a billion.”

The tension between Shyne and Diddy stems from the infamous Club New York shooting of 1999, where three people were injured. Shyne was arrested for attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment. After his conviction, Shyne severed all ties with Diddy and the label. He was incarcerated from 2001 until 2009.

Shyne, who was an upcoming rapper with Bad Boy at the time, attended the club with Diddy and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. Shyne, born Jamal Michael Barrow, converted to Judaism and changed his name to Moses Michael Levi while in prison.

Listen to the diss song below.


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