WHOA! Sheree Whitfield’s Mansion ‘Chateau Sheree’ is Three Stories! [Photo]

Rucuss staffJuly 19, 2012

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield may be without a job but she continues to push forward with construction of her home.

Sheree, who was allegedly fired after filming season 5 of the show, had a few setbacks with construction of her property but it appears it is in the middle stages of completion. Many speculated that Chateau Sheree would never see the light of day because of Sheree’s alleged financial problems.

But Sheree is making sure she’s proving the naysayers wrong, including NeNe Leakes who called it Neverland during the reunion show. TamaraTattles managed to get new photos of the progress of Chateau Sheree. The photo below is of the back of the house.

Although Sheree is happy with the progression of her home, the neighbors in the area aren’t thrilled with the huge property. Some are upset she squeezed such a large home on a small lot.

According to TamaraTattles, the home is three stories with no backyard. The front side of the house is also very close to a busy intersection. Check out more photos of the home here.


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