Shekinah Says T.I. Kicked Her Off the Show, Says He Calls Her “The Help”

Rucuss staffMarch 10, 2015

Shekinah Jo became a fan favorite as Tiny’s feisty friend on the VH1 reality show the Family Hustle.

But Shekinah shocked her fans on social media when she revealed she will no longer be on the show. Tiny’s hairstylist claims T.I. kicked her off the show and called her ‘the help.’

Shekinah made the revelation after she posted a photo of a FaceTime conversation she had with Floyd Mayweather.

Once T.I.’s fans caught wind of Shekinah’s photo with the rapper’s arch nemesis, they blasted her for not being loyal. They questioned why she would talk to Mayweather after the rapper and boxer fell out over Tiny hanging with him in 2014.

Shekinah responded to a few fans and even said Mayweather respected her while T.I. never did. Check out the exchange below.



It’s unclear what went down between these two, but its not surprising that T.I. kicked Shekinah off T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle. It is rumored that T.I. is the reason why Tiny’s first reality show, Tiny and Toya, came to an end so abruptly, despite it being a huge hit for BET.

Photos via Instagram


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