Shaunie O’Neal Releases Statement About Violence On Basketball Wives This Season

Rucuss staffApril 22, 2012

Basketball Wives has turned into a catfight haven this season.

While ratings have been through the roof for the Vh1 show, many fans believe the producers are thriving on the drama. Producers are no longer focused on the positive things that the stars on the show have to offer.

This season’s show has been pretty much centered around drama. And not that drama is seeping over into the real world. Evelyn Lozada’s personal assistant Nia Crook was charged with assault and battery last week after she slapped Jennifer Williams on camera January 21.

Williams is also suing Crooks because she was of “negligent, reckless and careless.” Several stars are now allegedly refusing to tape the reunion show next month if Williams is in attendance, TMZ reports. A source told the website that some of the cast members are convinced that Jennifer’s lawsuit was filed out of spite and desperation to keep drama going to secure a spot on the show next season.

Executive producer Shaunie O’Neal has decided to issued a statement regarding the drama of the controversial reality show. She released a statement to Vibe magazine about the unladylike behavior of some of the cast on the show.

“I’m extremely happy that Basketball Wives continues to have another successful fourth season. As the ratings have been through the roof since our season opener, fans continue to tune into the lives of Evelyn, Tami, Jennifer, Royce, Suzie  and myself. As there is always controversy and indifference projected on the show, because we are all individual personalities, I always hope that people will find that as much as you may agree or disagree with the opinions, the behavior, [and] even our different taste in shoes, you are taking a look inside the lives of four complete different women. I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show, but if we were to edit certain things out the show would be scripted and not reality. 

As a woman of color with kids, I am very aware of myself, but I also have to be aware that my choices cannot be the same for everyone on the show and I have to respect that. I hope the fans feel they see a balance and know we have always been real with our stories, even though it may not always be a positive portrayal of adult women but real women nonetheless. I look forward to developing other media platforms in the future and hope that fans will continue to support.”

Did you notice how Shaunie didn’t mention new cast members Kenya and Kesha. We’re guessing they are guest stars and can be replaced at any time. Ouch!


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