Shaquille O’Neal Shuts Down Shaunie O’Neal’s Reality Show [Details]

Rucuss staffDecember 19, 2013

Shaunie O’Neal is looking for her next big reality show since Basketball Wives appears to be on its way out.

And the executive producer didn’t have to look far. She simply turned to her kids. O’Neal is working on a new spin-off show titled The Shaunie Project, which stars her five kids with Shaquille O’Neal.

The show was scheduled to star filming in January, but Shaquille is against the show.


TMZ reports:

Shaunie has tried convincing Shaq that her show is just like “The Cosby Show” — good, wholesome, family fun.  She told him one of the episodes will focus on Shaunie’s aversion to working out.  The kids will convince her that working out is good and they’ll all run a 5K together.  Forgive our cynicism, but it sounds like this show may be scripted.

Shaq is not buying it and feels there are too many pressures imposed by producers — to be able to keep the show wholesome.  He’s convinced the show will end up showcasing a dysfunctional family that will hurt his kids, some of whom are already struggling in school.  Shaq believes no good can come from cameras in the home.

Shaq and Shaunie battled in court Thursday morning and the judge sided with the former NBA star.

Shaunie O’Neal was unconvincing this morning in court … a judge just rejected her bid for an order allowing her to put her kids on a new reality show … something ex-hubby Shaquille O’Neal is vehemently against.

Shaunie wanted the judge to rule in her favor without a hearing, but Shaq’s lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser convinced the judge there was no rush and a hearing was only fair … but that takes time.

Shaunie’s family reality show has been put on hold. It appears she was trying to capitalize on the success of other family shows that appears on VH1. T.I., The Game and Chrissy and Mr. Jones have all had success.

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