Shaquille O’Neal And Hoopz Break Up, Security Escorts Her Out Of His Home [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 23, 2012

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and reality star Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander are officially over.

Shaquille allegedly grew tired of the relationship and informed Hoopz he wanted to end the relationship two weeks ago. But the former Flavor of Love winner didn’t take the news well. Shaq had to get security to escort Hoopz off his property. reports that Hoopz got emotional and Shaq had to protect himself from a lawsuit. He left the house while security helped Hoopz gather her things and leave.

Shaq didn’t waste much time dwelling on the relationship. He was spotted at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas with another woman for this 40th birthday. Hoopz is in Tennessee with her family.

The break up costs Hoopz $20,000. Shaq and Hoopz were scheduled to step into a boxing ring in April but now that the couple are finished, the Diesel doesn’t want to participate.

According to Celebzter:

We were told she signed contracts today with Celebrity Boxing Ring for a staggering $20,000, which is one of the highest fees they have paid. Clearly Shaq turning up was part of the deal.
But, guess what? Shaq dumped her recently and understandably, the people at Celebrity Boxing Ring feel duped because she failed to inform them today- and she was demanding her money.
Damon Fedman tells us exclusively how the events unfolded. “This is a crazy situation, and yes, i feel duped, ” he says. “She signed the contact today, and then news started to spread on the internet that they split. Now she isn’t returning texts or phone calls.”
“She was rushing us to get her the money, and thankfully we didn’t because it’s clear she was using Shaq to keep herself in the spotlight. We’ve never paid a celebrity that much and only did it because of Shaq.”

Check out a few photos from Shaq’s party at Pure.


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