Say What: A Miami Heat Player Who is ‘Very Taken’ Reportedly Cheating!

Rucuss staffMay 29, 2013

Most of the Miami Heat have significant others, but according to the Miami Herald that hasn’t stopped one player from seeing other women.

Although the Heat are tied with the Indiana Pacers at 2-2 in the Eastern Conference finals series, one player who is ‘very taken’ is creeping to an apartment complex in Florida after games. According to Lesley Abravanel of The Miami Herald, one unnamed player could soon be dealing with some off-court drama now that this affair has been reported.

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The Miami Herald reports:

“We hear that a very taken Miami Heat player is having an affair with someone who lives in the King Cole condo in North Beach. Says our spy, ‘He’s there around midnight after every home game.’ Our spy isn’t exaggerating. According to security, this player has repeatedly shown up at midnight and after asking for a particular woman’s apartment. The thing is, that woman is not his significant other. Girlfriend shouldn’t be too shocked considering that not too long ago she was the one with whom her beloved baller was sneaking around.”

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Its unclear who the player exactly is because Abravanel never mentioned the name in the gossip piece. But many should take heed because the news is coming from an established newspaper and not a tabloid. It may be some truth to this rumor because  it’s no secret that professional athletes are notorious for cheating.

Now paparazzi will be posted outside of the King Cole condo in North Beach, hoping to catch the Heat player. Can’t wait for the photos.

Photo via ESPN


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