Say What: Malik Yoba Fired From Empire For Abusing Drugs?!

Rucuss staffMarch 23, 2015

Malik Yoba is bitter about being fired from the biggest new show on television.

Yoba appeared on TMZ Live and talked about finding out he would no longer be needed on the Empire set. In fact, he was out promoting the show when he got the call from Lee Daniels.

Yoba’s character Vernon Turner was killed off during the season one finale. Many fans were shocked that he died because their was so much potential for his character.

But there may be an explanation as to why Yoba got the axe. According to the rumor mill, the decision to let Yoba go was more due to him abusing drugs and terrorizing his castmates, instead of needing a dramatic conclusion to the first season of the show.

Inquisitr reports:

Yoba was fired for drugs, with his substance abuse catching the attention of higher-ups at the network. The insider stated, “Malik Yoba is back on drugs and he was making everyone on the set uncomfortable. One star of the show even threatened to quit during the 10th episode, but then they upped their pay to convince them to stay. Fox caught wind of what was going on and gave Lee Daniels an ultimatum: ‘You tell Malik he’s fired or we will.’ Fox also threatened to shelve the show indefinitely if Daniels didn’t do as he was told. So he did, and the rest is history.”

Despite the now widespread rumor, there is no verification that Malik Yoba was fired for drugs. And the official word from Empire show-runners was that Vernon Turner was killed off as part of a planned shake-up at the end of the first season, with neither Yoba nor Lee Daniels speaking publicly about the rumor.

When Empire premiered, it immediately garnered huge ratings. It continued to break ratings records each week, and was even picked up for a second season after only airing two episodes.

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