Say What: Is Rihanna and Wale Hooking Up? [Details]

Rucuss staffMay 13, 2013

Rihanna and Wale were recently spotted in the studio together working on new music.

But did the working relationship turn into a personal one. This past weekend during a fiery argument with a fan via DM on Twitter, Wale allegedly dropped that he’s having sex with the Diamonds singer.

Wale also threw shade at rapper Yung Scooter. After the back-and-forth messaging, the fan showed the alleged DMs on Twitter.

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Check out Wale and the fan alleged DM messages below.




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Its unclear if these DM messages are authentic, but we’re hoping there not. Surely, Wale did send, “you like glue and I’m rubber whatever u say bounce off me and stick two you.” EPIC FAIL!!


Wale, later, tweeted from the same avitar, “Fake pages got y’all turnt up huh.”

Photos via Instagram and Bossip


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