Say What: Is NBA Player Russell Westbrook Bisexual? [Details]

Rucuss staffMarch 11, 2013

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is known for his dynamic play on the court.

But Westbrook has also gained plenty of headlines for his fashion style. Westbrook loves his flamboyant shirts and glasses. He recently changed up his style, wearing a fitted shirt and a pair of capris.

Many made fun of the point guard while some questioned his sexuality. But it didn’t seem to bother him. Westbrook continues to step outside the box with his fashion. But were the sexuality jokes really that far-fetched?

Despite dating Nina Earl since college, an alleged ex-girlfriend of Westbrook has come forward to reveal he is bisexual. The woman told HSK that Westbrook has a secret boyfriend who lives in Oklahoma City who travels with the team on the road.

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The woman claims Westbrook and his alleged boyfriend spent a lot of time together while they were in Houston for the All-Star weekend.

HSK reports:

“I don’t know Russell’s boyfriend’s name, but they’re always together. When we all stayed at the Four Seasons, his boyfriend’s room was on the same floor as his. My room was on a separate floor.

Russell used me as a beard, and part of my job was to get him and his boy Molly pills.”

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Either Westbrook is a ‘elite playa’ who can juggle multiple women and a man while on vacation. Or something is fishy about this story. Westbrook’s girlfriend, Nina, attended Michael Jordan’s birthday party with Westbrook during the All-Star break.

Photos via MediaTakeOut and Twitter


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