Say What: Did Tiny and Toya Wright Fall Out Over Reality Show?

Rucuss staffMay 23, 2013

Antonia ‘Toya’ Wright wants to be a reality TV star again.

Toya and her husband Mickey “Memphitz” Wright have been shopping their reality TV show, Toya & Memphitz: Crazy In Love, for over a year now to networks with no luck. So in an effort to help gain exposure, the couple released a trailer of their show.

Cameras captured Toya and Memphitz talking about having another baby, Memphitz interviewing candidates to be his personal assist and being accused of abusing K. Michelle.

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 photo ScreenShot2013-05-22at23930PM_zps78e7bbbc.png

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Although they have let the cameras into their lives, there have been no offers made by any networks to air the drama. Some have allegedly passed on the show because Toya and Memphitz lack star power and it would produce poor ratings, like Toya’s last BET reality show, Toya: A Family Affair.

Now industry insiders claim Toya is upset with her friend Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris for not helping her show get picked up. The two starred in their own reality show on BET, Tiny & Toya.

Sandra Rose reports:

Sources say Toya and Tameka’s relationship has cooled considerably due to Toya’s difficulties getting her show picked up by a network.

What does Tameka have to do with Toya’s reality show troubles, you ask? Well, sources whisper that Toya believes Tameka has some pull at BET — and she wonders why Tameka doesn’t use that pull to get her show picked up.

Mickey is also struggling to get his independent record label off the ground. None of his artists have been signed by a major record label, which only adds to the couple’s woes, because Toya is basically supporting the entire family on her tidy income as a female entrepreneur and as a professional baby mama to rapper Lil Wayne.

Watch Toya and Memphitz’s trailer below.


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