Say What: Did Kordell Stewart Hit on a Male Usher at Philips Arena?

Rucuss staffApril 5, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is going through a difficult time since her husband Kordell Stewart filed for divorce.

Porsha claims she was blindsided by the filings, but could it be a blessing in disguise for the newbie housewife. Kordell has been dodging gay rumors since his days with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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A rumor circulated during his hayday as quarterback that he had been arrested in Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park, a popular meeting place for gay men, for being observed performing a sexual act with another man in public.

Although, a police report never surfaced, many assumed the rumor was true. And gay rumors continues to plaque Kordell. Porsha’s estranged husband is being accused of hitting on a man at Philips Arena in Atlanta.

Obnoxious Radio Live reports:

“A male usher at Philips Arena said that Kordell Stewart came on to him the last time he attended a Hawks game. According to the usher, who would like to remain nameless, Kordell asked him what was up and asked for his phone number so they could hook up sometime when he is not at work. The usher said he smiled and played off because he was very uncomfortable by what Kordell said and how he was looking at him, but he was at work and had to be cool.”

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To be fair, this is the first time a man has come forward and made gay claims against Kordell. Do you believe the mystery man?

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