Say What: Chris Brown Suspects Friends Behind Home Invasion

Rucuss staffJuly 21, 2015

Chris Brown is very suspicious about his friends.

A new report indicates that Brown and the LAPD believe his close friends were in on his home invasion. On Wednesday, Brown’s Tarzana home was invaded by four men carrying handguns. The Loyal singer’s aunt answered the door before the intruders forced her into a closet and demanded to know where the safe was. They eventually fled by car.

TMZ reports police believe that not only were Breezy’s friends involved, but Blood gang members were as well. A club promoter may have been involved, someone who would know for a fact that Brown would have $50,000 cash in the house, as the result of getting paid for a promotional club appearance. This person reportedly knew that Brown had kept the money inside a safe in his house.

LAPD has assigned an officer from the Gang Unit to the case. Brown’s camp has already had “the talk” with him and recommended that he cut off members of his crew “immediately.”

Brown had bought the house for his daughter, Royalty, because “it’s child-friendly and closer to stores and local attractions. It’s also convenient for his nannies and a few housekeepers to get to,” a source said. Some reports also suggest that the latest robbery may affect the custody battle for Royalty.


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