Say What: Did Stevie J Steal Furniture & Get Busted For Drug Trafficking?

Rucuss staffMay 18, 2014

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J has reportedly been arrested.

The reality star, whose real name is Steven Jordan, was allegedly arrested on Friday for trafficking marijuana in Crawford County, Georgia. He was unable to get in front of a judge for a bail hearing, so he’s likely to spend the weekend behind bars. A law enforcement official told Bossip under the condition of anonymity.

Stevie J Must Appear In Court Over Child Support, May Face Jail Time [Details]

No one from Stevie’s camp has confirmed or denied the rumors. But if it is the music producer, he’s had a rough week. Stevie was also accused of stealing furniture to put in the large house that he claims to live in on the show.

Baseball Wives star Anna Benson posted on Twitter on May 13 that the Versace plates and most of the furniture that Stevie J. is unpacking in his home on the show belonged to her. Benson tweeted, “@hitmansteviej those Versace dishes are mine and so is the crystal and other things in your house. With ‘friends’ like you who needs enemies,” she startedadding “how could you? How could you take my tv and China and couch and kitchen table while I was in JAIL! Wow. That hurts.”


Anna was arrested in 2013 for allegedly assaulting her (at the time) estranged husband, Kris Benson. Anna claims it was then, she asked her friend Stevie J. to put all her things in storage until further notice. However, after watching the last episode, Anna realized that Stevie was storing her items in his house.

“He raided my apartment while I was in jail and took whatever he wanted including 100k worth of my china. #fakeasspimp,” Anna tweeted. “I have known Stevie for over six years and he used to live with my family. I can’t believe this I am beyond hurt.”

Anna claims she can prove the things belong to her with pictures and receipts. She won’t file charges yet but she wants Stevie to return her items.


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