Say What: Was Rick Ross Run Out Of Detroit?

Rucuss staffJune 23, 2014

Rick Ross wasn’t able to perform at 107.5 FM Summer Jamz 17 in Detroit over the weekend.

Officials for Chene Park said Ross was forced to cancel his show there because a “human blockade.” At least 150 people threatened his life and prevented him from stepping foot on the venue’s grounds.

Detroit’s amphitheater claims in the press release the blockade was formed by “a band of individuals led by a local rapper,” but doesn’t mention a name. Despite reports of threats directed at Ross, the Detroit police department said no 911 calls were made from the Chene Park area Saturday night at the time of the incident.

But rumors claims otherwise. Some believe Ross was afraid for his life. The Smoking Section reports:

They say Ross didn’t even step foot on stage before he and his crew packed their shit and got the hell up outta Detroit. As a result, Ross has been banned (again?) from ever stepping foot in the Motor City.

This is the second time Rozay has had problems in Detroit. His empty tour bus was robbed of thousands of dollars in jewelry, clothes and other personal items in 2012. While many suspected local rapper Trick Trick was behind the burglary, Trick denied his involvement. “I wasn’t gona entertain this weak sh*t but, if I wanted to get officer ricky, I’d get em! Not tear up a tour bus! That’s B*TCH sh*t! GSM,” he tweeted July 2012.

Coincidentally, Trick posted the cover art for his mixtape, No Fly Zone, shortly after Ross reportedly left Detroit. For those short on memory, he just dropped a “No Fly Zone” video back in May so we’ll assume Trick’s taken over handling all tourist accommodations and reservations for rappers looking to visit the D. He said in the song “I’m just a phone call away, come here without permission, I don’t wanna hear shit you got to say.” Guess Rawse didn’t know Trick meant business.

Late last night, Ross tried to make light of the situation on Twitter., Rozay posted the photo below along with the caption: “Luv #Detroit I wuz ready to killm 2nite,heard it wuz a peace protest wit picket signs and locked gates haa.

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 10.13.41 AM

Maybe Ross will reschedule his concert from a later date.

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