Say What: Is Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha’s Marriage Fake?!

Rucuss staffSeptember 6, 2013

Scandal star Kerry Washington shocked the world when it was revealed she got married in June.

Washington did a good job of keeping her love life out of the spotlight. The 36-year old dated San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha for a few years before the two got married.

Kerry Washington Weds NFL Player Nnamdi Asomugha! [Details]

After filming wrapped up on Scandal, Washington and Asomugha quietly got hitched in a private ceremony in Idaho on June 24. News of their nuptials leaked at the beginning of July. But was it all a lie?

A source told that their marriage is fake.

“I was paid by Kerry Washington and her camp to insert a marriage certificate in the Idaho court system. I did it for them, but she’s been tripping lately and it’s really pissing me off, so this is my pay back to the bitch! I did it, Nnamdi didn’t want to do it, but Kerry convinced him to go thru with it. See how Nnamdi hasn’t said anything or isn’t even wearing a wedding ring… well the dude is playing it safe. He was paid some money to agree to it, Nnamdi and Kerry are still dating, but they are not married.

Kerry’s camp also asked me to purge Nnamdi’s ex-girlfriend’s profile online and delete any link that said her and Nnamdi ever dated. So i did. Anyway, Kerry Washington is a sick b***h will who do anything for fame. I inserted the marriage certificate for the Vanity Fair magazine. It was all promo BS. Now she wants to come up with some shit to promote SCANDAL in October”

In another email, the source wrote:

Tell the media to contact Jayne Bailey, the clerk in Hailey, Idaho who claimed they appeared in front her to sign the affidavit. Ask Jayne to describe Nnamdi’s sister/ and Kerry’s parents. Nnamdi and Kerry registered this marriage to receive benefits. Vanity Fair PR, including some huge money Kerry Washington received. Those that are so worried should investigate this marriage and find out how much money Kerry Washington received, or how the marriage benefited them in making money. Tax returns, etc.. Nnamdi and Kerry are simply NOT married. Let them provide the names of 6 people that were in her wedding! 6 people!!! Ask Nnamdi’s mother why she of all people wasn’t on the certificate as a witness. Nnamdi was seeing some screenwriter chick. Let them ask her when they broke up, so we can figure out for sure how long Nnamdi and Kerry have been together. Kerry Washington is a lying cheating bitch. She will do anything for money and fame! Look Kerry Washington is not married to Nnamdi. If they want to know the truth, they need to start looking around her and the truth is written over all her face and account.

To be fair, there is no reason why Washington would fake a marriage. She’s at the top of her game on a hit television show, but you never know.

Washington recently confirmed to Glamour magazine that he is married. But she remained tight-lipped with the details surrounding her marriage and relationship.

“I learned through experience that it doesn’t work for me to talk about my personal life,” Washington said. “I’ve had earlier times in my career when I did talk about it. I was on the cover of a bridal magazine [InStyle Weddings, in 2005, when Washington was engaged to actor David Moscow]. But I couldn’t just turn around and say, “I only want to talk about the good stuff, but not the bad stuff.” So I just thought, OK, no more.”

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