Say What: Are K. Michelle And Meek Mill Dating?!

Rucuss staffJune 2, 2014

Meek Mill is a ladies man.

The Philadelphia native has been linked to plenty of women. He was recently spotted sitting next to KeKe Palmer in a Philly club and at a music studio. Many suspected the two were an item.

But that may not be the case. It appears that Meek and K. Michelle are allegedly dating. The two gave hints that were an item back in November of 2013. Meek and K. Michelle posted photos of the singer wearing his Dreamchaser chain.

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K. Michelle posted the photo below with the caption, “Hmmm I think Im a DREAMCHASER.”


Meek posted the photo below with the caption,”Dreamchaser.”

Are Meek Mill And K Michelle Dating? She's Wearing His DreamChaser Chain

Meek and K. Michelle’s relationship managed to stay out of the public eyes until this weekend when rumors surfaced that he was dating Palmer.


After Meek posted an Instagram video for a song that he is doing for the ladies. He captioned it, “This song is about her……YOU.” Everyone thought it was about KeKe until someone gave the real tea. 

Commenter, delta_4_life, said:

Sorry guys he is not with KeKe…. That is K. Michelle’s man. They have been in a secret relationship since she started rocking his chain (Beyonce & Jay Z) style. They have recently had issues that is why they both have been making each other jealous (Hence the video /pics) you saw… but he has now erased those pics since him and K. Michelle have worked it out…if you follow both of them… they have been communicating through IG with each other and K has been giving low key hints. So all those luv songs he has been posting are about K.Michelle.

Also…Meek is in luv with K. Michelle. That is why he did that verse on the breakfast club…referring to the date K. Michelle recently went on and posted on IG …having Louboutins on… his feelings were hurt.

Meek seemed sad during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club when he talked about getting slapped by a woman. Check out the interview below.


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