Say What: Did Justin Bieber Have Sex With a Panamanian Prostitute?!

Rucuss staffOctober 27, 2013

Justin Bieber was recently in Panama City enjoying life.

The Biebs allegedly hit up a nightclub at 3 a.m. last week, and left with ten women. One in particular claimed he was “un papacito” in bed. The woman, who is a prostitute, told the half-reputable Panamanian newspaper Cronicas that Bieber and the ladies went back to his hotel where he began kissing the sex worker’s “nose and face,” while smoking weed with her.

“He asked me in English if I wanted all of his semen, but I don’t understand English,” she said in spanish via Gawker. “My friend was translating.”

Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather Party At Club Nox, Houston Strip Club [Photos]

The unnamed prostitute claims she and Bieber had sex for an hour. The woman added:

Penis size? “He didn’t have a very big or very small one. I believe it was so-so. Medium. I didn’t say ‘Whoa!'”

What positions? “I did everything with him. He had me in all the positions.”

Where did he come? “On my breasts”

After their alleged sexual encounter, Bieber allegedly gave the sex worker $500 and returned her and her friends to the club.

Although Bieber did go to a raunchy Texas strip club with Floyd Mayweather Jr. last week, we highly doubt this story is true. But you can never put anything past someone. You be the judge.

Days later, Bieber was filmed by a Brazilian woman while he slept. Check it out below.

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