Say What: Does Drake Want To Battle Eminem?

Rucuss staffAugust 4, 2016

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden may ignite a new rap feud.

On Thursday, Darden opened up on his show about a private conversation he had with Drake about Joe Budden and Eminem.

“We talked about Joe Budden,” Darden said. “He was laughing. He was like, ‘I gave him a little look…That’s why Joe ain’t put out the DMs. He keeps threatening he’s gonna put out DMs, where I DM’ed him…The reason he ain’t put them out was because I DM’ed him and said, ‘I hope you get well in this tough time, aka you out here strung out on dope or something.’ So he ain’t put that out.’”

That’s when Eminem came into the conversation.

“I told Drake,” Darden added, “That the rumor was that Eminem was gonna gear up to come after him. He laughed. He was like, ‘That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that and if he did, I’ve got something for him too.’ This was a private convo…That’s what he said.”

It’s unclear where Darden heard the rumor regarding Eminem’s potential Drake diss. But the animosity could come from the fact that Eminem signed Budden to his Shady Records imprint as part of Slaughterhouse in 2012. However, the group has not released an album since that year’s Welcome to: Our House.

Drake, Eminem and Ebro all have ties to Apple Music so this could all be a publicity stunt. We will just have to wait and see. If there were a rap battle who do you think would win, Drake or Eminem?


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