San Antonio Spurs Stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker Pose in Photo With Fake Guns at Ref’s Head

Rucuss staffDecember 3, 2012

San Antonio stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker had some fun at NBA referee Joey Crawford’s expense.

Photos from a Halloween party recently surfaced on Reddit and now Duncan and Parker may be in trouble for it. You see, Crawford and NBA commissioner David Stern might not find the picture as funny as the players did.

Duncan and Parker were photographed holding fake guns to the head of someone else dressed as Crawford. They allegedly led the Crawford look-a-like to a noose hanging from above. Duncan was dressed as comic book character The Punisher while Parker as Nick Fury.

Tim Duncan Tony Parker Halloween photo

Duncan and Crawford have a contentious history dating back to 2007 when Crawford ejected Duncan from a game for laughing at him from the bench. Duncan said that the referee challenged him to a fight during the game, and the NBA responded by suspending Crawford for the rest of that season.

Now we have to wait and see if Stern has anything to say the photo. Stern has already fined the Spurs $250,000 last week for sending Duncan, Parker and two other players home to rest instead of playing the defending champs Miami Heat during a nationally televised game in Miami.


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