Salahi: Wife’s a Liar and Rocker Should Be Ashamed

Rucuss staffSeptember 20, 2011

Tareq Salahi has had enough,

Salahi is ready to tell his side of the story. Less than a week after his wife Michaele Salahi made headlines with a kidnapping that didn’t happen, Salahi wants to share his feelings about the betrayal by his wife.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Salahi described his marriage prior to last week’s events as “happy” and “perfect.” He said he was blindsided by the affair. The Real Housewives of D.C. star left her husband last week to join Journey guitarist Neal Schon on tour.

“It caused me to suffer great harm, humiliation, and embarrassment,” Tareq told E! News.

Let’s backtrack for a moment.

You see, Tareq Salahi called police on Sept. 14 when he thought someone kidnapped his wife. After he received a phone call from Michaele from an unrecognizable cell phone number he became worried. His wife informed him she was going to her mother’s house. Tareq called his wife’s mother to make sure and  her mother informed Tarequ she had no knowledge of the plan.

Tareq quickly called police. But as it turns out, Michaele wasn’t abducted, she just left her husband for another man.

“Michaele used to always tell me that she would never want to date a rock star like Neal Schon,” Tareq told E! News. “She didn’t want to date them because of that lifestyle…the lifestyle of, there’s always cheating…there’s guys who are always doing these things backstage. She always told me, she never wanted to be associated with that.”

Tareq didn’t hold back his opinion of Schon, who he considered a friend. He claimed the relationship between the two began two years ago.

“I mean, Neal really should be ashamed of himself for doing this, this was a beautiful marriage we had, and I was just blindsided that it was going on for two years. I just had no idea.”

Now that divorce papers have been filed, Tareq is relieved to have a prenup.

“We did have a prenup,” he confirmed. “So the winery and all of the property is protected. Michaele came into this marriage with love. She’s leaving with at least one broken heart, because she’s a lying, cheating woman. She’s a liar and a cheater.”

Under the terms of the prenup, if Michaele is found to have cheated on Tareq, she loses her right to any portion of the money or property accumulated during their marriage, as well as her right to request spousal support.

The couple, who have no children, married nearly eight years. They gained notoriety when they crashed the White House state dinner in November 2009, They were not invited.

The “Real Housewives of D.C.” TV series was canceled by Bravo earlier this year.







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